‘Inspired in Scotland. Designed in London. Proud to be British’

Proudly British, StaaG® stands unique amongst it’s rivals; proudly concentrating exclusively in designing and developing something bolder and more distinctive than others.

The brand takes its name from the typical Scottish animal with its logo a silhouetted image of the red stag, which has links with the roots of the two Scottish founders. The spelling of the brand with the double 'aa' is taken from the Dutch influence of the brand.

Successfully combining design, attention to detail and innovation, StaaG® products offer a defined sense of individuality with style and quality assured.

Put simply, wearing a StaaG® designer polo shirt is a powerful statement.


StaaG® is the brainchild of two brothers; one a creative consultant and the other a designer, together they developed the brand, clothing designs and the overall business concept bringing the ideas to life.

A fan of polo shirts, but fed up with the quality and lack of style that was available on the market, the brothers developed something they wanted to wear, something they felt was missing from the polo shirts they were wearing and something utterly unique; the Flexi-Collar™ - from this genesis they transformed the tired designs of the past and created shirts of luxury and practicality beyond any other.

They added real individuality and class to each and every one of their polo shirt and created ‘the world’s best engineered polo shirt™’.

Their first 3 collections; Signature, Weekend and Classic, combines quality and design with the perfectly styled collar. The very first model was designed in their parents’ garden in the South of France.

The company’s core values combine quality, attention to design and being bold and different to create a truly unique and valued product.

StaaG® is currently available in the UK and to ship internationally.